Compressed Sensing

This page contains resources about Compressed Sensing, Sparse Sampling and Sparse Signal Processing.

Subfields and ConceptsEdit

  • Incoherence / Incoherent Sampling / Incoherent bases
    • Canonical/Kroneker basis
    • Fourier basis
    • Random basis
    • Random sequences / codes
    • Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform (IDCT) / Heisenberg
    • Wavelet basis
  • Coherent-based Sampling
  • Coherence / Mutual Coherence
  • Local Coherence
  • Null Space Property
  • Restricted Isometry Property
  • Underdetermined Linear System
  • Uncertainty Principles (between sparsity basis and measurement system)
    • Continuous Uncertainty Principles (Heisenberg)
    • Discrete Uncertainty Principle (Donoho and Stark)
      • Dirac Comb / Picket Fence
    • Quantitative Uncertainty Principle
      • Quantitative Robust Uncertainty Principle
  • Sparse Approximation / Sparse Representation
    • Basis Pursuit
    • Matching Pursuit
  • Sparse Signal Recovery / Sparse Signal Reconstruction
    • Exact Recovery Theorem
    • Stable Recovery / Stability Theorem
  • Sub-Nyquist Sampling
  • Nonlinear Sampling Theorem
  • Iterative Reweighted Least Squares
  • Sparse Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Structure Sparse PCA
  • B-Splines
  • E-Splines
  • Wavelets
  • Bayesian Compressive Sensing
    • Variational Bayesian Compressive Sensing
  • Sparse Bayesian Models
  • Inverse Problems (Optimization)
    • Regularization
      • Regularized least squares
      • L0 penalization / Spike-and-slab prior
      • L1-regularization / LASSO / Laplace prior
      • L2-regularization / Ridge Regression / Gaussian prior 
      • Elastic nets 
      • Total Variation (TV) Regularization (i.e. L1-norm of the gradient)

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Books and Book ChaptersEdit

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Scholarly ArticlesEdit

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