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Game Theory

From Ioannis Kourouklides
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This page contains resources about Game Theory.

Subfields and Concepts[edit]

  • The Prisoner's Dilemma
  • Nash equilibrium
  • Cooperative Games / Coalitional Games
  • Constant-Sum Games
    • Zero-Sum Games / Strictly Competitive Games
  • Stochastic Games
  • Algorithms
    • Minimax Algorithm
  • Combinatorial Game Theory
    • Chess
    • Checkers
    • Go
    • Tic-tac toe
    • Nim
    • Sprague–Grundy theorem
    • Nimbers / Grundy numbers

Online courses[edit]

Video Lectures[edit]

Lecture Notes[edit]


  • Dixit, A. K., & Skeath, S. (2015). Games of Strategy. 4th Ed. WW Norton & Company.
  • Prisner, E. (2014). Game Theory Through Examples. Mathematical Association of America. (link)
  • Watson, J. (2013). Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory. WW Norton.


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