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Graph Theory

From Ioannis Kourouklides
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This page contains resources about Graph Theory, Complex Networks and Network Science in general.

Subfields and Concepts[edit]

  • Undirected Graph
  • Directed Graph
  • Eulerian Path/Cycle
  • Eulerian Graph
  • Hamiltonian Path/Cycle
  • Handshaking Lemma
  • Minimum Spanning Tree
  • Bipartite Graph / Bigraph
  • Topological Metics:
    • Assortativity
    • Betweenness
    • Centrality
    • Closeness
    • Clustering coefficient
    • Degree
    • Degree distribution
    • Geometric measures
    • Network motif
    • Modularity
    • Small-worldnes
  • Link Analysis Algorithms
    • PageRank
    • Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS) / Hubs and authorities
    • Weisfeiler-Lehman
    • Deep Graphs
  • Complex Networks / Network Science

Online courses[edit]

Video Lectures[edit]

Lecture Notes[edit]


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Scholarly Articles[edit]

  • Watanabe, C., Hiramatsu, K., & Kashino, K. (2018). Understanding Community Structure in Layered Neural Networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.04778.
  • Boccaletti, S., Latora, V., Moreno, Y., Chavez, M., & Hwang, D. U. (2006). Complex networks: Structure and dynamics. Physics Reports, 424(4-5), 175-308.


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