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Computer Graphics

From Ioannis Kourouklides

This page contains resources about Computer Graphics in general.

More specific information is included in each subfield.

Subfields and Concepts

See Category:Computer Graphics for some of its subfields.

Online Courses

Video Lectures

Lecture Notes


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Scholarly Articles

  • Romaszko, L., Williams, C. K., Moreno, P., & Kohli, P. (2017). Vision-as-inverse-graphics: Obtaining a rich 3d explanation of a scene from a single image. In ICCV 2017 Workshops (pp. 851-859).
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  • Hertzmann, A. (2003). Machine Learning for Computer Graphics: A Manifesto and Tutorial. In 11th Computer Graphics and Applications, Proceedings (pp. 22-36). IEEE.



  • OpenGL
  • OpenSteer - C++ library to help construct steering behaviors for autonomous characters in games and animation

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