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This page contains resources about Mixture Models and the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm.

Subfields and Concepts[edit]

  • Bayesian Models
  • Non-Bayesian Models
  • Mixture of Experts
  • Hierarchical Mixture of Experts
  • k-Nearest Neighbour (k-NN)
  • Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM)
  • Deep Latent Gaussian Mixture Model (DLGMMs)
  • Mixture of Factor Analyzers
  • Mixture of Dimensionality Reducers
  • Latent Variable Models
  • Maximum a posteriori (MAP) EM Algorithm
  • Sparse EM Algorithm
  • Baum-Welch Algorithm (i.e. EM when applied to HMMs)
  • Generalized (Incomplete) EM Algorithm
  • Monte Carlo EM
  • Variational EM
  • Variational Bayesian EM (VBEM)

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Books and Book Chapters[edit]

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Scholarly Articles[edit]

  • Nalisnick, E., Hertel, L., & Smyth, P. (2016). Approximate inference for deep latent gaussian mixtures. In NIPS Workshop on Bayesian Deep Learning.



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