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This page contains resources about Monte Carlo Methods, Monte Carlo Inference, Sampling Methods, Stochastic Methods, Stochastic Simulation, Systems Simulation and Computational Modelling.

These methods have no connection with a particular statistical paradigm (e.g. Frequentist or Bayesian) since the earliest implementations of these methods were unrelated to Statistics. Their application in Statistical Inference and Statistical Signal Processing is more recent.

Sampling is used in the Statistical sense, not to be confused with the Signal Processing sense.

Filtering is not to be confused with filter in Signal Processing.

Subfields and Concepts[edit]

  • Monte Carlo techniques
    • Mean Field Particle Methods
    • Particle Filtering / Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC)
    • Kalman Filtering
    • Importance Sampling
    • Sequential Importance Sampling
    • Sequential Importance Resampling
    • Rejection Sampling
    • Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filtering (RBPF)
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
      • Gibbs Sampling
      • Metropolis–Hastings (MH) Algorithm
      • MH-in-Gibbs / Variable-at-a-time / Metropolis-within-Gibbs / MH-within-Gibbs
      • Hybrid / Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC)
      • No-U-Turn Sampler (NUTS)
    • Simulated Annealing
    • Annealed Importance Sampling
    • Cross-entropy (CE) Method
  • Variance Reductions Techniques (VRT)
    • Antithetic Variables
    • Control variates / Regression sampling
    • Importance Sampling
    • Stratified Sampling
    • Low-discrepancy Sequences / Quasi-random Sequences / Sub-random Sequences
  • Simulation and Computational Modelling

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